Causeway Walking Tour

Causeway Walking Tour

I was really looking forward to the Giant’s Causeway tour – and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The whole experience was simply fantastic!

Sharleen was our tour bus guide and really added to the day. I enjoyed listening to her relaying the knowledge and information about the different sights and places we visited and passed along the way.

I had such great fun on the tour and it was great to mix with so many different nationalities from all around the world – America, Brazil, Scotland, Canada and Australia! Great memories were made that will last a lifetime.

I chose to include the Dalriada Kingdom walking tour, so that I could get a real feel of the Causeway. This really was an added bonus and something I’ll treasure for a long time. Our walking guide Mark spoke so passionately about the area, the history and the folklore and it was great to walk alongside someone with local connections. In a place that sees hundreds of thousands of visitors each year – the walking tour was personal and authentic, something that is often missing atbusy tourist attractions.

The dramatic landscape of the Giant’s Causeway and surrounding area offers so many opportunities for photographers. Regardless of the weather on the day – you’re sure to catch some amazing shots.

You’ll leave the tour with great memories and moments captured through your lens.