Frequently Asked Questions

At Irish Tour Tickets our customer services team are very happy to help or assist you in any way we can. However, before you call or drop us an email please do take a little time to look through our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ where many of your questions and enquiries may be answered…

I am booked on a day tour to the Giant’s Causeway. Where and when do I check in on the morning of my tour?

You check in at the ITT shop at 10 Great Victoria Street, Belfast. We are located opposite the Grand Opera House. You can check in anytime from 8am onwards, but no later than 15 mins before your tour departs, eg 8.45am for a 9:00am departure.

Can you pick me up at me up at my hotel on the day of my tour?

We offer a pick-up service from most major city centre hotels. It is the customer’s responsibility to be in hotel reception for 8.15am that morning. Please inform us when you book if you would like to be picked up, along with the name of your hotel.

Where do we meet our coach?

Our coaches depart from Glengall Street, which is across the road from our shop. When you check in, we will direct you to your departure point. You must check in at the shop first though.

What do I do for lunch?

There are several options: you can bring your own food (please note: no hot food or hot drinks are to be consumed on the coach) or alternatively, there are designated lunch stops during the tour, details of which are listed in our tour itineraries.

Do I need to bring any money?

Our premium packages include all admissions on the tour. The only money you will need would be for those who want to buy drinks and/or food and gifts.

Is there a toilet on the coach?

There is not, but we advise customers to visit nearby public conveniences before they board, providing there is time to do so. There are toilet facilities at most of the tour stops.

I suffer from travel sickness. Can I book a seat at the front of the coach?

We have a very varied customer base, including the elderly, people with disabilities, children and those who suffer from travel sickness. Seats are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, however if you inform us of your requirement, the ITT team will make every effort to accommodate your needs to ensure your journey is as comfortable as possible.

Do you have to be a Game of Thrones fan to enjoy the tour?

Absolutely not. The tour, while Game of Thrones themed with on board tv footage and commentary, is not exclusively for fans. The tour highlights Northern Ireland’s world renowned scenery, much of it used in the tv show, but all spectacular on its own merit.

My son loves Game of Thrones but I have just read that the tour is not suitable for children! Can he not go?

Yes, children can and do go on this tour. We do not recommend the tour on the basis of the on-board tv footage, which displays violence and sexual scenes in places. The decision as to whether their children go on the tour or not is at the parents’ discretion.

What are the differences between the Game of Thrones and the Giant’s Causeway tour?

Both tours are very similar in that that they both visit the Antrim Coast Road, the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. The main difference is that the Game of Thrones tour goes to the Dark Hedges while the Giant’s Causeway tour goes to Bushmills Whisky Distillery.

We are taking our baby and toddler on the tour. Do we need to bring seats for them?

We supply a limited number of booster seats for children, please let us know at time of booking if you require one. We do not supply baby seats.

Do the tours run on rainy days?

Yes, we operate in all weathers, apart from severe conditions, such as ice and snow.

We are a group of four. Can we all sit together?

As above, seats are allocated on a first-come-served basis, so it is advisable to check in as early as possible on the day of your tour. If you get on the coach and there are no seats together available, inform the tour guide who may be able to accommodate your request.

Can we book on the morning of the tour?

Yes, provided there is availability. During the peak season however we recommend you book in advance.

I am not able to walk very far, but have heard the hill at the Giant’s Causeway is steep. Will I be able to see the famous stones?

Yes, a shuttle bus at the Giant’s Causeway takes passengers down to the stones and back up again for a small fee.

What is included in the price of the premium tours?

All your admissions. The only spare cash you will need is for food and/or gifts you may wish to purchase.

Do the tours run every day and in all weathers?

Yes, the tours run every day apart from Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day and in all weather conditions, apart from severe snow and ice.

What will I wear?

Comfortable footwear and clothing with layers (particularly during the colder months). And bring a raincoat, although if you forget it, we sell ponchos in the shop!

Do you accept international student cards?


We are driving into the city centre on the day of the tour. Where can I park?

There are several car parks close to our shop, including Castlecourt and the Great Northern. However please bear in mind that the roads are very busy at this time of the morning and it is your responsibility to check in at least 15 minutes before your tour departs.

What if I get to the rope bridge and am too scared to cross it?

That is fine; you do not have to cross it. There is enough stunning scenery all around you to make the walk down well worth it!

Is the rope bridge open whatever the weather?

It closes if the wind speed is over 35mph. Our premium customers will get a refund of £4 if this happens, provided they have not booked their tour in conjunction with any offer.

Do I get a refund if I miss my tour?

Unfortunately not, as per our cancellation policy. However we will offer you an alternative tour or a different date.