Top 5 Game of Thrones attractions to visit in NI

1. The Dark Hedges, ‘The Road from Kings Landing’

The Dark Hedges

Travel with Arya Stark as she escapes Kings Landing and the evil clutches of King Joffrey. Planted back in the 18th Century, these astounding beech trees are the epitome of wonder to those who walk them. They hold a sense of mystery, as if Children of the Forest might pop out and take you on a journey!

2. Ballintoy Harbour, ‘Pyke on the Iron Islands’

Ballintoy Harbour

In the words of the House Greyjoy, ‘We do not Sow.’ This picturesque harbour is the complete opposite of the dreary and dark Iron Islands where Theon Greyjoy docked to help support Rob Stark’s cause. Enjoy a quiet walk along the calming harbour and even stop in for a scone and a cup of tea in Roark’s Kitchen café.

3. Quoile River, ‘Riverrun’

Inch Abbey

This idyllic location was used to film the scenes of Riverrun, home of the House Tully. A walk along the river brings you to where Lord Edmere Tully failed to light his father’s funeral boat. A special board walk was created for the show which you can venture onto and enjoy the splendid scenery. Also not far from the river is the atmospheric Inch Abbey that was used when Robb Stark was declared King of the North!

4. Tollymore Forest Park, ‘The Haunted Forest.’

Tollymore Forest

Watch! Or you might find a lost pack of dire wolves running through the trees! Tollymore Forest is situated near the seaside town of Newcastle, nestled under the Mourne Mountains. Here in the forest is where the first ever scenes of Game of Thrones were filmed showing the White Walkers at their worst.

5. Cushendun Caves, ‘Storms End.’

Cushendun Caves

Situated in the beautiful Antrim coast, these caves gave way to Davos Seaworth witnessing the red witch Melisandre give birth to the terrifying shadow baby. These caves created the perfect atmosphere for magic and vengeance that this scene so badly needed. The town of Cushendun is an idyllic spot for those who want to be absorbed in folklore.

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