Giants Causeway Cliff Path Walking Tour

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There’s nothing quite like getting the hiking shoes on and taking off for a walk – now imagine doing that at the Giant’s Causeway! It’s a great chance to see this UNESCO World Heritage site from a different perspective and you’ll arrive at the Causeway site on foot after a 5 mile walk.

Walking holidays and trips are increasingly popular and this cliff top walk is simply stunning.

For us, the magic was in feeling the earth beneath our feet and the wind on our face. We paused along the way when the views took our breath away and felt miles away from the hustle and bustle of the many tourists below. From our guide, we leant so much about the history and the heritage, the conservation plans in place in the area and the rare flowers and insects that are found at the site.

We left feeling like we had a truly authentic experience  –  an afternoon well spent with some great memories made.